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Jobe Valves

Jobe Valves were originally developed as high flow valves for use in drinking water troughs on dairy farms. While still mainly used in agriculture, Jobe Valves can be found in many light industrial and process situations such as evaporative cooling systems and high pressure cleaning equipment. Founded by Jim Jobe in 1967, the company is still family owned and is now operated by the founder's sons in New Zealand.
MEGAFLOW Trough Valve
High Flow for below water mounting
ROJO Float Valve
Low Flow for above and below water level
TOPAZ Valves
Topaz trough valves are float operated valves for use in automatic filling of water troughs, tanks, cisterns etc. The valve is configured for above or below water mounting.
 VORTEX Valves
Use in larger tanks where maximum flow is preferred. Inlet sizes: 1 1/4" up to 2" Base unscrews for easy servicing
Specialty Products
Includes FrostPro Kit, Protect-A-Mount, Jobe Water Level Indicator, Tranz Former