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Fencing Materials will determine the longevity of your fence. A very wise decision is to invest in the right materials the first time.
Temporary and Semi-Permanent Fences
Polywire and Polytape
Fence Insulators
We carry top-line wood and t-post insulators
Fence Tools
Quality Contractor Tools at affordable prices - includes, Crimping Tool, High Tensile Wire Cutters, Chain Grabs, Wire Twisting tools, Spinning Jenning, Daisy Wheel Handle, Strainer Handle, Multipurpose Fence Tools, and much more.
Gate Handles
Pel Gate Handles,Electric Gate Handles, Compression Gate Handles, and Spring Gates
High Tensile Fence Wire and Smooth Wire Components
An effective barrier for controlling and protecting livestock. Advantages are ease of handling, minimal maintenance, and high strength. High Tensile can be electrified and will outlast most other fences.
Fence Management Tools
Don't let this happen to you! Make one thing in your life easy! Fence Tester, Fence Light and Cut-Out Switch