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Equimint - Equine Massage Cream 2 oz Jar
2 oz (60ml) Jar of soothing combination of natural essential oils in a cream base. Used for Rider and Horse
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Leg and Muscle Rub

A new stronger formulation of Dynamint, developed for the Equine market, Dynamint Equine is proving itself to be a superior natural product for use in the care and treatment of horses and is a must for all stables and tack boxes.

As A Daily Treatment Mix 1 part Dynamint Equine to 10 parts water in a spray bottle and spray all over the horse (making sure not to get it in the eyes). This will help prevent saddle soreness and keep the muscles supple. This method of use is also an effective fly repellent.

It works very well at alleviating muscle damage and tendon strain and has excellent swelling reduction properties. It can also be used under leg wraps without fear of blistering or burning. Many Equine Massage Therapists are finding that Dynamint Equine greatly assists them in their work and brings a feeling of well being to the animals.

Dynamint Equine contains Peppermint Oil - long known for its fast relief by it's cooling action, is also effective in increasing the blood flow to the area, which speeds up the healing process for sore muscles and tendons. Other ingredients include Eucalyptus Oil which is a rubefactant and has superior skin penetrating qualities, Tea Tree Oil and Calendula Oil which are both natural antiseptics and emollients. The skin penetrating qualities of the balm have been improved by emulsifying the oils using natural polymers to make the product water soluble.

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